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Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, California Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, California
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Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, California

Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, CaliforniaOver 60 years of beekeeping experience has set the stage for the introduction of "estate bottled" gourmet honey and other products that are truly extraordinary!

Beyond the consumer's expectation for the natural character of honey, Beekman & Beekman pure varietal honeys have been chosen for their unique flavor quality. Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, CaliforniaThe honeybees that produced the selections represented in the Beekman & Beekman line of honey and related products, enjoyed the luxury of the finest nectar foraging opportunities, sometimes flying 40,000 miles and visiting 2 million blossoms to bring in one pound of honey.

Beekman & Beekman offers limited quantities of honey wine (mead). Come by our five generation old farm/apiary and future guest house on Geer Road in Hughson, California to taste the unique flavors of pure varietal honeys and the wine that premium honey can create. The Tasting Room's hours are February-December Saturdays 11-5, Sundays 1-5. For more information call (209) 667-5812.

Check your area television listings for reruns of "California Country" featuring Beekman & Beekman.

Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, California