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Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, California Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, California
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Honey is a delightful sweetener, as well as a versatile ingredient. Make honey a healthy choice and in easy reach on the kitchen counter or table as you sweeten your food, drinks or special recipes.

Beekman & Beekman California Sage Honey is produced in the dry, arid coast-range mountains of central and southern California. Once every few years, this area receives above average rainfall which encourages lush growth of this special variety of sage plant. With these conditions, and the daily washing of the blossoms from the early morning coastal fog, a unique nectar is created in this special variety of sage blossom. Beekman bee colonies are placed in areas of heavy sage growth, maximizing the honeybee's opportunity to gather pure nectar and produce this honey. Its high fructose level makes California Sage one of very few honeys that does not crystallize when cold.

Beekman & Beekman Orange Blossom Honey is produced in California's Orange Belt. With the snow-capped mountains of King and Sequoia Canyons in the background, these fragrant groves extend from Fresno to Bakersfield. Each spring for more than 60 years, the Beekman family has placed their colonies here to harvest nectar which carries the aromatic flavor of the blossom. Star Thistle, California Valley and Florida Tupelo round out the selection, meeting the flavor needs of the most discriminating honey lover.

The subtleties of unblended, pure floral source honey is truly comparable to fine wine. When sampled, estate bottled Beekman & Beekman Honey exemplifies quality in its discrete but extraordinary color, aroma and flavor.

For the finest...Beekman & Beekman is a "Honey" of a Choice!

Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, California