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Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, California Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, California
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All of our wines are splendid with a fresh fruit and cheese course. Wonderful as an aperitif or dessert wine. Best served room temperature or very slightly chilled in a dessert style wine glass. (2-4 oz.)

Honey Wine (Mead) is the oldest alcoholic beverage, predating beer and grape wine. Beekman & Beekman Honey Wine is made with great care. We feel the purity of the nectar source in the honey used, is directly reflected in the depth or "soul" of the wine.

Recent releases of Beekman & Beekman Blackberry and Tupelo Honey Wine have been very well received in our tasting room. One is produced from blackberry honey and the other is made with tupelo honey. Each honey variety is very distinctive and make different styles of honey wines. The Blackberry has a wonderful floral component while the Tupelo has unique elements of clove and nutmeg. Both honey wines are barrel fermented in a combination of new and used French oak barrels and aged sur lie. This is a classic Burgundian winemaking technique that is often employed to produce chardonnay. The production technique adds complexity and contributes to improved mouthfeel.

As with our orange blossom honey wine, no spices or fruits have been added. The cornerstone of my winemaking style will continue to be one that places top priority on fully actualizing the varietal character of each honey source and not masking or distorting it with flavoring agents.

Matt Beekman, Winemaker

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Beekman, honey, wine, Hughson, California